On The Road: Lisbona En version

A couple of weeks ago I took a short break from WordPress, I needed a holiday after long time, but I really never stopped looking for new material to put on this blog.
Meanwhile, I happened to Portugal for a couple of days to recharge my batteries and in this wonderful place, that is also the birth place of Pessoa, I had the pleasure to meet some independent music realities.

I am going to write more about my “music tour” in Lisbon and around it but in this post I just want to share my experience in a rock shop called Glam-O-Rama.IMG_0626

The impact that I had when I walked in was one I had not expected. Whereas in ordinary music shops you normally expect to find a small, medium or large size section dedicated to rock/hard-rock/metal music, in Glam-O-Ramathe ratio is different: here rules the underground and alternative music.

This place is a true heaven for rockers, especially those who appreciate the extreme sounds: here you can find pins, band T-Shirts, vinyls, CDs, collectibles, posters and so much more. My attention was immediately caught by the Iron Maiden poster from the Milan concert at the famous Rolling Stone venue, as part of the Somewhere On Tour 86/87 supported by Wasp, dated 29th November 1987.

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Luís Lamelas is the owner of this shop and he has been running a record label called Chaosphere Records since 1999, he has been working in this industry for over twenty years. It took me a moment before I could say a word to him, in fact I was totally lost for words. In all fairness, he is a very approachable person, chaospherea professional, open to talk to people and assist with inquiries, he is also good at dealing with the really demanding customers like myself. He asked me what kind of sub-genres I was interested in and he suggested me to have a look at some of the artists included in his record label roster.

First thing, I was attracted by the death metal band Goldenpyre with their CD called In Eminent Disgrace. I will have to add this into one of my future posts from the series The Record of the Week.

Then my attention was caught by the new edition of Vast by the metal band Dissafected. This edition also includes their 1994 demo called Halloween Rehersal and a cover version of Seasons in the Abyss by the American trash band Slayer. If you are into the chords of Cynic, Nocturnus, Atheist and the Italian Sadist, you must give it try, listen to Vast and see what you think.

Luís was also very kind to give me a free sample of the first promo by his record label and, trust me, this is a thumbs-up. Here’s a little taste of it:

Before finishing this post, I take the opportunity to thank Glam-O-Rama Rock Shop for being so helpful and kind.

And here comes my closing though on what I took with me from this experience.

In a world where everything is short-live, where the power of music is impoverished and is targeted by silly TV shows to be used as mere consumable product, the little independent realities as the one I have just described here represents rays of light for those who still enjoy stepping into a music shop and taste the live “experience”. Talking to other people, sharing opinions, getting to know new names and new bands that you would not have heard of otherwise, those are the things that really need to be preserved. At the age of 32 I have the same feelings I had when I was a young 23 year old guy and used to go to record shops to see if I could find my fav album; this makes me think there’s something not working out there.

Do get yourself into this experience, you don’t need to download an app for it.


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