Solstafir: Il gruppo islandese ha pubblicato un nuovo video e il nuovo album Berdreyminn per intero.

Questo il commento del frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason: : “Finally, the time has come to present you ‘Berdreyminn’ in its entirety. Hopefully, the previous pieces that we have released will now fall into their rightful places in the puzzle that this album represents. There is much to explore, surprises to discover as well as meeting old friend again, and we sincerely hope that you will like what you find. Enjoy!

Inoltre i Solstafir hanno pubblicato il nuovo video per Silfur-Refur.

Questo il commento di Aðalbjörn Tryggvason a nome di tutta la band:”Videos have always been a medium that we are taking seriously. Therefore, we have worked with excellent visual artists like Bowen Staines and Vesa Ranta on previous clips. We are privileged to have been able to enlist the team of Nico Poalillo and Peter Beste to create the imagery for ‘Silfur-Refur’. They have directed and produced a video that beautifully illustrates our song – at least in our minds. We are giving Nico and Peter our heartfelt thanks for their amazing contribution to our musical vision. The video’s meaning is a puzzle, which we are leaving for you to solve as we don’t want to spoil your imagination spinning stories of its own. We sincerely hope that you enjoy ‘Silfur-Refur’ as much as we do.


Carach Angren: La dark metal band ha rilasciato il terzo brano estratto dal nuovo album, Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten.

Blood Queen è stato creto dall’artista rumeno Costin Chioreanu.

Questo il commento della band:”We are extremely proud to present you the horror that is ‘Blood Queen’. This cruel and sad tale surrounding her fate that we have brought alive in an intense musical is now wrenching your gut through the incredibly imagery created by Costin Chioreanu. He has given our dark vision a more than fitting frame. This clip is more than just another ‘lyric video’ but an artistic merger of song and image. We are proud that our work of passion also led to Costin really outdoing himself once again.


River Black: I River Black hanno pubblicato il secondo brano dall’omonimo debut album, in scita il sette di luglio. #Victim è disponibile con il player che segue.

Il batterista Dave Witte commenta a nome della band:”This one came together very quickly at the end of the writing sessions for our debut album. Actually, the whole beginning has been sitting around since 2008. We never had anything that made sense to go along with it and it just happened this time. Lyrically, it’s a kick in the pants to the unmotivated and a rallying cry for the malcontent.

Il cantante Mike Olender aggiunge:”This song was inspired by some individuals, who latch on to the misfortune of others and try to claim it as their own; vicarious victims, who are so addicted to drama and self-loathing that they gravitate towards any tragedy and make it a part of their identity, hence the hashtag. This first-world problem is the height of privilege and it speaks to a larger problem of intentional victimhood in American society, where too often we pre-empt problems that are not ours with solutions we don’t need; solutions which are rooted in a corrupt health care system more committed to profitable treatments than good health or personal growth.

River Black tracklisting:
1. Jaws (1:59)
2. Honor (3:15)
3. Low (3:20)
4. Shipwreck (3:43)
5. River Black (0:47)
6. South by South (3:26)
7. Boat (2:32)
8. Move (3:23)
9. #Victim (3:09)
10. Sink (2:31)
11. Everywhere (4:52)


Foscor: I Foscor hanno rilasciato un nuovo video per il brano Altars, canzone estratta dal prossimo disco, Les Irreals Vision, la cui uscita è prevista per il nove di giugno.

Questo il commento della band:”Memory is an important element within this album; an extension of human experience on inhabiting the world. A net of places, ways, wefts, and bounds shapes our daily experience and builds our life at many different levels. To feel its beauty, it is mandatory to inhabit this space, embrace it and live it with the body and memories accumulated over time and experimentation. There is an important sentence within the lyrics of this song that claims ‘… At the margins of the road, big altars stand up…’, which develops the idea that when we are taken to our personal limits, a door to a new reality may appear. Following the topic on ‘Instants’, the altars are a metaphor of those moments of change. We are no longer what we were; we are images of ourselves – and a reinvention for better or worse. This is a new video experience developed alongside the team we are used to work with. Again, there is a lot of us in the process of making this video, emotionally and physically, as well as from the people we trust and allows us to achieve the best results. We hope you enjoy and feel this journey as much as we did…


Baroness: Il chitarrista, Pete Adams, in modo amichevole si è separtao dalla band per spendere meno tempo in tour e focalizzarsi su business non musicali.

Questo il commento di Pete: “I would like to say thanks to all of the Baroness fans far and wide and all of the support through the ups and downs along the way,

I feel beyond fortunate to have had the chance to travel great distances with Baroness and to meet so many of you. I honestly never thought I would be able to do what I have done with Baroness. Playing alongside my oldest friends, playing music that isn’t simply readily accepted by the masses, and sharing the stage with some of the best musicians and bands from around the globe. That said, it’s time for me to focus my energy closer to home and not on the road. However, this isn’t the end of my musical career by any means as I plan to continue working with Valkyrie. Again, thank you to all along the way, and most importantly thank you greatly to the current, past and future members of Baroness.

Questo il commento di John Baizley sulla separazione da Pete: “I need to take a moment, on behalf of myself and Baroness, to recognize and sincerely thank one of my oldest friends and bandmates, Pete Adams, as he moves on from Baroness to pursue a new phase in his life. I feel fortunate beyond words to have shared the stage with you for nearly 25 years, since we were barely teenagers. It would be impossible to articulate the value and impact of the personal history, friendship and musical bond we have enjoyed throughout our lives and within this band. Through Baroness, we’ve seen that friendship grow further and often in unexpected ways; we’ve taken part in so many adventures together that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. It’s never easy to part ways but it is important to highlight a couple of things: First, we offer unconditional support and respect for Pete’s decision and we’re excited to see where his path leads. Second, Baroness will forge ahead with an undiminished passion and as much creativity as ever. The narrative of this band has often felt as though it falls into distinct chapters, and while we’re excited to move into the next, we are equally sad to see Pete go. When Pete and I were kids, as he’s often said in interviews, we shared a dream of growing up and playing music together and seeing the far corners of the globe. And we did. Thank you Pete, for being a friend when I needed support, a brother when I needed family, and a bandmate when you and I had a hunger to see the world.

Inoltre, i Baroness hanno annunciato che il posto vacante sarà di Gina Gleason.

Questo il commento di Baizley: “With Pete Adams’ official last show just over a month behind us, and a European tour on the not-so-distant-horizon, we are proud to welcome our new guitarist, Gina Gleason, into Baroness, and we hope our fans will share in our excitement and provide her a warm welcome into the Baroness family. She has worked tirelessly in recent weeks/months, not only learning the specifics of our material, but slowly beginning to carefully stake out her own personal territory within our sound. Throughout the lifespan of this band we’ve had the genuine pleasure of working with incredibly gifted artists/musicians, who recognize in Baroness the need each member has to contribute something of their own musical personality, rather than imitate one that’s been established, not simply to respect the individual contributions of past members, but to develop a genuine connection to our songs, old and new alike. Gina’s ability both to learn our music and to find her own voice within our songs has been inspiring to observe, and it helps once again to renew our belief in this band’s music, which we’ve come to rely on as a true wellspring of creativity and musical discovery.

Baizley aggiunge: “I really thought I would have become a jaded musician at this point, with nothing left to discover and no will to try, but each subsequent year proves me wrong. We play a hometown show with Gina tomorrow, followed by a European tour and my only regret is that we won’t have time to go everywhere on Earth we’d like to before the urge to get back to writing our new record overtakes us. We’re bringing a bunch of songs on tour that haven’t been played in many years; we’re anxious to dust off some of these earliest Baroness songs. Thanks to all of you who have offered your support over these years. We’ll be seeing you soon.

Queste le prossime date live dei Baroness:

June 9 – Derby, United Kingdom – Download Festival ^
June 11 – Nimes, France – This Is Not A Love Song ^
June 12 – Strasbourg, France – La Laiterie
June 14 – Eindhoven, Netherlands – Effenaar
June 15 – Berlin, Germany – Columbia Theater
June 17 – Dessel, Belgium – Graspop Metal Meeting ^
June 18 – Clisson, France – Hellfest ^
June 19 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Rockhal
June 20 – Saarbrucken, Germany – Garage Saarbrucken
June 23 – Copenhagen, Denmark – COPENHELL ^
June 24 – Scheessel, Germany – Hurricane Festival ^
June 25 – Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany – Southside Festival ^
June 27 – Graz, Austria – PPC
June 28 – Dresden, Germany – Beatpol
June 30 – Norrkoping, Sweden – Bravalla Festival ^
July 2 – Helsinki, Finland – Tuska Open Air Metal Festival ^

^ Festival



Cytotoxin: La death metal band rilascerà il nuovo disco Gammageddon tramite la Unique Leader in formato cd e digitale il 21 di luglio.

Questo il commento della band: “You all have had almost five years to prepare for the next radioactive fallout, but you may not be ready for such an overdose of extreme metal. This is brutal… this is frightening… this is Gammageddon!

Gammageddon Track Listing:
Radiatus Generis
Chaos Cascade
Deadzone Outpost
Redefiniing Zenith
Corium Era
Sector Zero



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