Steignyr: La epic celtic death metal band ha rivelato i dettagli del nuovo ep Ashes from a Keltic Spirit, in uscita in tutto il mondo e su paittaforme digitali il nove di giugno per l‘Art Gates Records.

Queste le parole della band:”We want to show you all the new path we’re taking with “Ashes from a Keltic Spirit”, darker and way more epic.
Proving our new sound will be more complex.


1 – The Uprising Hymn
2 – Ashes from a Keltic Spirit
3 – Fallen Gods

Ashes from a Keltic Spirit è stato registrato negli Olimpo Sound Studio. Prodotto da Jön Thörgrimr. Con la collaborazione di Daniel Perez “Ravenblood” per il cantato growl e Diego Ricardo Artuz Janchiz alle percussioni.



Sator Malus: La Forever Plagued Records pubblicherà il 30 di giugno Dark Matters, il debut album dell’atmospheric black metal band Sator Malus. Il gruppo è composto da ex mebri di band quali The Spirit Cabinet, Walpurgisnacht, Grimm, Cirith Gorgor, e Hooded Priest.

Come special guest sul disco apparirà IX degli Urfaust sul brano Endless Cycles Of Life & Death.

Dark Matters sarà pubblicato in formato cd limitatao a 500 copie e 300 copie in versione vinile.


Pathology: La brutal death metal pubblicherà il nono album, semplicemente intitolato Pathology, il  di luglio per la Comatose Music.


Questo il commento del batterista e membro fondatore Dace Astor:”We are very happy and excited to be working with Comatose Music again! The label has always been a great supporter of the band through the years. They put out some of the heaviest underground music out there and we are glad to be back on the roster.

Pathology” track listing:

01. Lamentation
02. Dolorous
03. Litany
04. Servitors
05. Dissevered
06. Putrescent
07. Doth
08. Shudder
09. Opprobrium
10. Vermilion



Witching Hour: La Hells Headbangers ha annunciato di aver accolto nel rooster dell’etichetta la metal band tedesca Witching Hour. Il primo risultato di questa collaborazione sarà la pubblicazione del trrzo disco  …And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon. Inoltre è disponibile la versione demo di un nuovo brano As I Walk Among Sepulchral Ruins.

Il chitarrista Sascha Bastian rivela:”The upcoming album consists of the songs we have written since the Where Pale Winds Take Them High EP. It’s the band’s first release as a three-piece since we decided to continue without a second guitar-player shortly after the release of the EP. The songs, however, are still written for two guitars, and on the live front, we have Max and Slaughter who help us out on the second guitar. The album will be entitled …And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon and consists of six songs and an instrumental intro, coming to about 40 minutes. All songs share a dark atmosphere of sorrow and melancholy. The band’s previous style hasn’t been drastically changed but developed further to create a thick atmosphere without losing focus on varied riffs and harmonies as well as memorable vocal lines.

Bastian commenta l’avvenuta firma con la Hells Headbangers: “After parting ways with our old label, we hoped to bring the band a step further with a new record deal. So, signing with Hells Headbangers now makes perfectly sense, as HHR has the capacities to get the band more widely known outside of Germany as well as outside of Europe. We’d also like to play abroad a lot more, for which an international distribution like Hells Headbangers’ is essential. We are really appreciative to work with HHR in the future.



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