Seremonia: La psychedelic/doom finlandese ha rilasciao il video di Pahuuden äänet (Voices Of Evil), titletrack dell’ultima prova di studio uscita per la Svart Records il 30 di settembre 2016.



Belphegor: La blackned/death metal band austriaca ha pubblicato il secondo video dallo studio, che documenta la registrazioni delle parti di basso per il nuovo album Totenritual in uscita il 15 di settembre per la Nuclear Blast Records.

The Lurking Fear: La death metal band svedese pubblicherà il debut album, Out Of The Voiceless Grave, l’undici di agosto per la Century Media. Il disco è esto registrato nei Welfare Sounds in Gothenburg, Svezia.

Il rpimo singolo, Winged Death, è disponibile a seguire.

Questo il commento della band:”So, here is the first full blast of pure death metal filth for you maniacs, taken from the three-track self-titled debut seven-inch EP! ‘Winged Death’ is our little death metal epos about hungry Lovecraftian insects devouring you from the inside out. It has all the different elements of THE LURKING FEAR: the fast, pounding death metal mayhem, the slow, creepy horror/doom parts and howling screams of terror. Straight out of our coffin!

“We are in the middle of wrapping everything up in the studio and have just started the mixing process for the 11 tracks we recorded. It’s sounding nasty and raw, just the way we want it! The record is called ‘Out Of The Voiceless Grave’ and that title sums up what the album and actually band are all about. Our idea is that you get a glimpse of the horrors spewing out from our metal grave of interstellar death. The album is basically our Vortex spawn, a beast with eleven heads, all ready to devour you! We are very pleased with how it sounds right now, as the guys at Welfare Sounds understood our concept immediately and have managed to capture some pure death metal filth on tape!

Dawn Of Disease: La melodic death metal band tedesca ha annunciato il nuovo album intitolato Ascension Gate. Il nuovo disco verrà rilasciato dalla Napalm Records l’undici di agosto.

Questo il commento della band:”‘Ascension Gate’ was created and given birth within a comparatively short lapse of time. Thus it embodies pure energy and raw intensity. In comparison to our former releases our fourth full-length album is different in many ways as it modifies and expanses the musical elements we used to employ before. Besides the typical Dawn of Disease trademarks you will find more elaborate melodies that carry the listener through an atmospheric journey. Inspired by gloomy autumn days and the sheer endless darkness of winter ‘Ascension Gate’ adds more depth and catchiness to our sound than ever before without neglecting a huge portion of blastbeating brutality. Regardless of this dark and melancholic leitmotif we can promise you one thing: ‘Ascension Gate’ will bring you a very hot summer!

Ascension Gate tracklist:

01. Passage
02. Perimortal
03. Leprous Thoughts
04. Beneath The Waters
05. Ascension Gate
06. Akephalos
07. Fleshless Journey
08. The Growing Emptiness
09. Lucid
10. Mundus Inversus

In supporto alla nuova uscita il gruppo apparirà in vari festival estivi.

08.07.17 DE – Ballenstedt / Rockharz Open Air
03.08.17 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air
10.08.17 DE – Schlotheim / Party.San Open Air
12.08.17 AT – Graz / Metal on the Hill
16.-19.08.17 DE – Dinkelsbuehl / Summer Breeze
01.-02.09.17 DE – Katzenbach / Metallergrillen Open Air


Mindhead: La progressive metal band italiana Mindahead ha pubblicato il lyric video per The Mask Through The Looking Glass, brano estratto dal disco di debutto Reflections uscito per la Revalve Records lo il diciotto novembre del 2016.

Wildspeaker: Still Life, nuovo brano della sludge/black metal band Wildspeaker, estratto dal debut album su  Prosthetic Records, Spreading Adder. Il disco è stato prodotto dal bassiata Gary Brents, e verrà rilasciato in versione limitata in formato lp bianco, cd e tutti i formati digitali il 23 di giugno.






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