Nightbringer: La black metal band ha rilasciato il terzo brano estratto dal prossimo disco Terra Damnata, in uscita il 14 di aprile.

Of the Key and Crossed Bones è disponibile con il player che segue.

Ar-Ra’d al-Iblis commenta a nome dei Nightbringer:  “The lyrics work as a hymn to the goddess Hecate as she is depicted in the Chaldean oracles, a series of mystical revelations most probably dating from the 2nd century AD. Here, She is understood as the psychopomp and gatekeeper that leads the soul through the perilous passages of the otherworld, unto the light of the Father, identified as the divine Sun.


Imber Luminis: Il 26 di marzo la Naturmacht Productions pubblicherà il nuovo album della black/doom metal band Imber Luminis.

Nausea conterrà dieci brani per cinquanta minuti di musica, e sarà un concept sull’esistenzialismo. Il disco sarà limitato a 300 copie e sarà stampato in formato digipack con un booklet di dodici pagine.


Der Weg Einer Freiheit: Il gruppo di Würzburg, Germania, ha annunciato di aver trovato nella figura di Nico Ziska il nuovo bassista.

Il cantante Nikita Kamprad commenta così: “We welcome our good friend and former part-time merch guy Nico as the new bassist of DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT! He has been around for many years now and after temporarily being reduced to a three-piece on stage, we felt it was about time to fill the vacant position. Our first joint rehearsals went well beyond expectations and now we can hardly wait to hit the stage with our new full line-up again. Our forthcoming album is being scheduled for release at this very moment and new shows and festivals are being booked. Get ready for our return!

At this point, again we want to thank our former bassist Giuliano for his dedication and input over the past years. He won’t be forgotten. Giuliano even left some traces on our next album as you will find out in time!

Nico commenta la sua entrata nella band:  “After having known these guys for some years now and being into their music since the first album it is a huge honour for me to join the band as their new bassist. Since Nikita and I come from the same area in Germany we have built up a strong friendship over the years and I am more than grateful for this chance. This means a new and exciting challenge for me and I am ready to take it.



Soulskinner: La death metal band greca Soulskinner, ritornerà sulle scene musicali con il quarto album Descent to Abaddon che verrà pubblicato il 22 maggio per la Xtreem Music.

I Soulskinner sono nati negli anni 2000 come rogetto parallelo di Bill Zobolas “EL” (chitarra9 e Gothmog (voce) dei Thou Art Lord, e hanno rilasciato due album nel 2003 e nel 2007, dopo sette anni di silenzio la band ritornò con Crypts of Ancient Widsom, pubblicato per la Xtreem Music, dove c fu un cambiamento di stile meno brutale ma più pesante, oscuro e più melodic death.

La tracklist per Descent to Abaddon è la seguente:

01. Fracticide
02. Soul of Death
03. Nemesis
04. Chorus of the Initiated
05. The Dead Have Ravished
06. True Bliss
07. The Fall
08. A Spectral Vision
09. Murder
10. Descent to Abaddon

Inoltre, è disponibile l’inedito The Dead Have Ravished.


After All: La thrash metal band del Belgio, ha annunciato che Mike Slembrouck è il nuovo frontman.
Questo il commento della band: “Team After All is complete again and we look forward to thrash as many stages as possible. The first show with Mike in our ranks is scheduled for May 27 at dB’s in Utrecht (Holland). And yes, we are also writing new tunes. The best is yet to come… No retreat! No surrender!
E’ possibile ascoltare il nuovo vocalist sul nuovo lyric video Restore To Sanity.


Nadimac: La crossover thrash metal band serba Nadimac, ha iniziato a registrare il nuovo album nei Citadela Sound Productions Studio in Belgrado.

Questo il commento della band:”This album will be charged with very heavy and fast beats, speed, aggression, energy and in general, outrage. On the other hand, we always try to make every album sound different and fresh, so expect some evolution in songwriting and sound production“.

Da un punto di vista dei testi varieranno da temi sociali come “Kapitalizam je Kanibalizam” (Capitalism is Cannibalism), sarcastici  “Nesportski Dan” (Vice Sport Day), fino a temi politico/sociali “Analni Ovcar” (Anal Shepherd).

Le registrazioni, mixaggio e masterizzazione sono saranno eseguiti da Luka Matkovic e l’album conterrà 12 brani.






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