Merimack: I Merrimack hanno rilasciato il primo brano estratto dal quinto albm, che sarà intitolato Omegaphilia e verrà rilasciato il nove di giugno.

Questo il commento della band:  “For this song, as on the whole album, we wanted to come back to something more rooted in the 90’s. With a less complex structure, and a sound not as modern and claustrophobic as on our latest albums, ‘Apophatic Weaponry’ still has our characteristic moody atmosphere with some crawling mid-tempos riffs. This is especially noticeable on the second half of the track. Our lyrics are dealing with the special connection between beings and their faith, even though it is constructed on a void trying to fill in another vacant space of nothingness. The divine cannot be observed, demonstrated, except by its consequences. In the end, this is the definition of faith as opposed to reason. This concept of negative theology is a mystical approach towards the divine that attempts to describe it through the impossibility of describing it. Eckhart. Jacob Böhme and most of the German mystics tried to increase their faith with such notions.

Oltre a questo, il gruppo ha pubblicato l’artwork e la tracklist di Omegaphilia.

Cauterizing Cosmos
The Falsified Son
Apophatic Weaponry
Gutters of Pain
Sights in the Abysmal Lure
Cesspool Coronation
At the Vanguard of Deception



Foscor: I Foscor hanno rilasciato il primo brano che vede la partecipazione di Alan A. Nemtheanga dei Primordial ed estratto dal nuovo album, Les Irreals Visions, la cui pubblicazione è prevista per il 9 di giugno.

Ciutat Tràgica è disponibile con il player che segue.

A riguardo dell’inedito, i Foscor commentano:”Our premiere song ‘Ciutat Tràgica’ translates as ‘tragic city’ and it was admittedly also our original choice for the new album’s opening track and title. In terms of lyrics, this record maps the collective interactions, weaknesses, and individual hopes of human beings in a city as a metaphor – amplifying the myths that we face. Life as such is represented by a maze of places, paths, wefts, and bounds that make us into who we are. After receiving the translation into photography, which Dutch artist Nona Limmen developed around our concept, for the album artwork, and its cover, we realized the bigger scale and wider connection that everything had with the Modernist Art period. Isolating the experience of hallucination to treat the ventures and misfortunes of the human being in a changing and distressed society, this magical place becomes a dreamlike landscape of extremes where we locate the scene and its reality. The first song premiered perfectly describes the emotional dimension of the nature of our music.

Reminiscent of the 80’s monochrome landscapes that we all have in mind, it offers the same intensity and vitality, which has always characterized us and that people hopefully find thoughout this whole album. To work only with clean vocals and adding Catalan lyrics clearly mark a changing point for us. Last but not least, having Irish gentleman Alan A. Nemtheanga from PRIMORDIAL performing vocals on this song makes it an even more special moment.

I Foscor hanno anche rivelato la tracklist e l’artwork di Les Irreals Visions.

Ciutat Tràgica
Encenalls De Mort
Espectres Al Cau
De Marges I Matinades
Les Irreals Visions



Warbringer: Il nuovo disco dei Warbringer intitolato Woe to the Vanquished verrà pubblicato il 31 di marzo tramite Napalm Records.

Con il player che segue è disponibile il video di Remain Violent.

Questo il commento del frontman e leader della band  John Kevill:“ ‘Remain Violent’ is a headbanging stomper of a track anchored around a really killer riff. Probably the most immediate and instantly memorable song off Woe to the Vanquished and sure to become a live favorite.

The song deals with the increasingly militaristic behavior of the police in recent times, and the chorus line is a play on ‘You have the right to remain silent.

Crank it up and bang your fucking head! Remain Violent!”


Solstafir: I Solstafir hanno annunciato le prime date in supporto al prossimo disco Berdreyminn in uscita il 36 di maggio.

10 Jun 17 Paris (FR) Download Festival
11 Jun 17 Brighton (UK) The Haunt
12 Jun 17 Colchester (UK) Arts Centre
13 Jun 17 Leeds (UK) Brudenell Social Club
14 Jun 17 London (UK) Old Blue Last
15 Jun 17 Breda (NL) Mezz
16 Jun 17 Dessel (BE) Graspop Metal Meeting
17 Jun 17 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli de Helling
18 Jun 17 Hannover (DE) Musikzentrum
19 Jun 17 Dresden (DE) Beatpol
20 Jun 17 Karlsruhe (DE) Jubez
21 Jun 17 Colmar (FR) Fete de la Musique
22 Jun 17 Lyon (FR) CCO Villeurbanne
23 Jun 17 Toulouse (FR) Rex
24 Jun 17 Madrid (ES) Download Festival

SÓLSTAFIR festivals
07 Jul 17 Neskaupstaður (IS) Eistnaflug Festival (Exact date tba)
29 Jul 17 Neuensee bei Lichtenfels (DE) Rock im Wald
18 Aug 17 Borre (NO) Midgardsblot Festival 2017 (Exact date tba)



Neuntorer: La death/grind band spagnola Neuntoter vedrà stampata su cd i due demo che hanno rilasciato dal 1990 al 1991 più brani bonus con il titolo Stench to Stench per la Xtreem Music.

I Neuntoter si formarono nel 1988 suonando un metal influenzato dal death, tharsh e grind, realizzando del 1990 il demo Slaughter e nel 1991 il demo Consumed in Gore.

Stench to Stench inoltre conterrà foto, foto di poster, flyer e spettacoli mai pubblicati prima.

Questa la tracklist di Stench To Stench:

Consummed in Gore (Demo ’91)

01. Born Deformed & Leprous
02. Vein Effect
03. Scumfixion
04. M.T.F. (Pt. 1)
05. Satan’s Prayer
06. Consummed in Gore
07. Rot Alive
08. Anxiety
09. Emetic Foulness
10. M.T.F. (Pt. 2)
11. Don’t Pour the Gore
12. State of Putrefaction
13. Seeder of Indolence
14. Blasphemed the Beast
15. Septic

Slaughter (Demo ’90)

13. Intro
14. Slave (Under the Pentagram)
15. The Day of the Deads
“Live ‘91 & ’92”
19. Scum (Napalm Death cover) ^
20. Exulceration (Bleed to Dead) *
21. Gastroesophaegal Foetor *
22. Noise of the Putrid Offal *
23. Vomit Diarhoea *
24. Dense Intestine Grinded *
25. Slowly We Rot (Obituary cover/molineitor on vocals) *
26. Zartako (some songs with friends) – Rehearsal
27. Outro
(^) Zizur-Navarra 1991
(*) Barcelona 1992





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