Milking The Goatmachine: La band ha rilasciato il primo lyric video estratto da Milking In Blasphemy, in uscita il 31 di marzo per la NoiseArt Records.

Farm Of Northern Darkness è disponibile con il player che segue.

Questo il commento della band:“Welcome to the “Farm Of Northern Darkness”! Actually, this place should be our recreational oasis for our well-deserved break. But soon we stood on the dark side of the force. This song is not only the opening track of »Milking In Blasphemy«, but also the introduction to a new era.


Imperium Dekadedenz: La black metal band ha annunciato una serie di date e apparizioni ai festival estivi, incluso il Wacken Open Air. La band supporterà l’ultimo disco Dis Mnibvs.

Questo il commento dei tedeschi:”We are proud to announce a fine collection of European shows. We will perform in many countries that IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have never visited before and can hardly wait to finally present songs from our current album ‘DIS MANIBVS’ live. We can promise you a wild and inspiring experience. See you on the road!

11 Mar 17 Tübingen (DE) Epplehaus
18 Mar 17 Erfurt (DE) Club From Hell (+Thormesis +Freitod et. al.)
15 Apr 17 München (DE) Backstage (Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2017)
21 Apr 17 Nizza (FR) Altherax Music
22 Apr 17 Turin (IT) Daevacian
10 Jun 17 Göttingen (DE) Underground Remains Open Air 2017
20 Jul 17 Zarnovica (SK) Gothoom Open Air Fest
03 Aug 17 Wacken (DE) Wacken Open Air 2017
19 Aug 17 Barth (DE) Barther Open Air 2017 (Exact date tba)
25 Nov 17 Sofia (BG) Live & Loud (November’s Doom Days)


This Gift Is A Curse: Il gruppo This Gift Is A Curse ha rilasciato delle nuove date per il tour che la porterà in Svezia e Giappone in supporto all’ultimo dsco All Hail Swinelord. Nella loro terra natia, il gruppo black sludge sarà supportato dai Palmless, menetre i Seek e i 3LA saranno di supporto nella terra del Sol Levante.

I This Gift Is A Curse commentano così:”Going to Japan has always been one of our greatest dreams and something we already had as a goal when we started this band. Now this vision is coming true. It will certainly be something very special and we are really looking forward on unleashing our very own blend of chaos towards new audiences. We will play the best of our old material as well as newly written pieces. Prepare for tar, blood and complete sonic darkness. All hail the Swinelord!

16 Mar 17 Stockholm (SE) Kafé 44 (+NEJ)
17 Mar 17 Göteborg (SE) Skjul Fyra Sex (+Blessings)
18 Mar 17 Malmö (SE) Babel

15 Apr 17 Tokyo (JP) Earthdom
16 Apr 17 Yokohama (JP) El Puente
17 Apr 17 Tokyo (JP) Ruby Room
18 Apr 17 Nagoya (JP) Zion
20 Apr 17 Kagawa (JP) Toonice
21 Apr 17 Kyoto (JP) Socrates
22 Apr 17 Osaka (JP) Hokage


Pandemonium: Dopo cinque anni da Misanthropy la band Pandemonium ritornerà sulle scene musicali con il nuovo album Nihilist. Il disco conterrà nove brani, per 46 minuti di musica, il tutto è stato registrato con un uso minimo del digitale. Nihilist è stato registrato negli studi Heavy Gear di Mariusz Konieczny (Hellspawn). Le sessioni di registrazioni sono state eseguite da: Paul (voce), Mark (voce e chitarra), Michael (basso), Mavor (chitarra), Desecrate (batteria) e come special guest Szymon (Tenebris) alla voce e Gary (Hellspawn) agli assoli di chitarra.

Trollfest: Il gruppo norvegese ha rilasciato il secono lyric video per il secondo singolo Fräulein Helluva, estratto da Helluva in uscita il 24 di febbraio.

Questo il commento della band:”Fraulein Helluva” is a relentless hybrid ska-metal beast, and the neverending pumping rythms might just represent the panicky heartbeats of our team as they venture deeper down towards their goal, the enormously grotesque, yet tempting HELLUVA! She is the mother of all trolls, and this is when Professor Otto & Co finally meet her! As you might have guessed by now, the mission is to pair Jegermeister and Helluva in a mating session in order to produce the strongest and most violent offspring ever. Jegermeister is aware of the fact that he will most likely be consumed in the heat of the moment by his feminine superior counterpart, but he is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Only one part of him (or two) will survive the encounter!

The single features much brass, along with most of the other tracks on Helluva, performed by “The Damnation Army”. But that’s not all! This song, as well as many of the new ones you have yet to hear, features that oh-so-sweet touch of double X! Yes, that’s right, the girl choir (also known as “The Spelunking Sisters”) can be heard throughout the choruses!

And for the first time in Trollfest history, this track is accompanied by an animated lyric video directed by Mr. Seidel! The bright colours, rythmic movements and the bringing to life of these beloved characters is something that Tollfest are very proud of! Hands up who wants to see more of this in the future!

God Dethroned: La death metal band olandese God Dethroned ha annunciato The World Ablaze come titolo del nuovo disco in uscita per il cinque di maggio per la Metal Blade Records.

The World Ablaze è il primo disco della band da Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross del 2010. L’album è la terza e parte finale della trilogia dedicata alla prima guerra mondiale.

Il disco è stato masterizzato, l’artwork e il primo singolo saranno annunciati a breve.

Dan Swanö ha mixato il disco e questa è il suo parere su di esso: “God Dethroned have taken a great turn on the fields of Death Metal. This album is a great combination of all kinds of tempos and styles the genre have to offer, each performed with crushing perfection, and catchy choruses and memorable melodic hooks! Will go down well among fans of Bolt Thrower (R.I.P.) and some of the other dutch death brigades I’ve had the pleasure of working with!


Riviere: Con il player che segue è disponibile il video di Symbol, brano etsratto dal debut album Heal della post rock/progressive band Riviere, uscito lo scorso 20 gennaio dalla Basick Records.

Condemned: I Condemned hanno pubblicato la canzone Legion. Il brano farà parte del nuovo disco His Divine Shadow, in uscita il dieci di marzo per la Unique Leader Records.

E’ possibile pre ordinare il disco cliccando sul link


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