Gorgoroth: Per celebrare i venticinque anni di carriera, la black metal band norvegese sarà in tour nel mese di marzo con i Melechesh.

Di seguito le date confermate:

06.03.2017 – Belgium, Bruges
07.03.2017 – TBC
08.03.2017 – Holland, Utrecht
09.03.2017 – Holland, Leiden
10.03.2017 – Holland, Drachten
11.03.2017 – Germany, Essen
12.03.2017 – Germany, Erfurt
13.03.2017 – TBC
14.03.2017 – Germany, Freiburg
15.03.2017 – TBC
16.03.2017 – Germany, Munich
17.03.2017 – Italy, San Donà di Piave
18.03.2017 – Hungary, Budapest
19.03.2017 – Czech Republic, Prague
20.03.2017 – Poland, Wroclaw
21.03.2017 – Poland, Poznan
22.03.2017 – Poland, Warsaw



Under The Banner Of The Black Light: Il festival che si terrà a Graz, Austria, dal l’undici al dodici di mggio, ha confermato la presenza di: Isvind, Paragon Belial, Prediction, Angel Cunt.

Inoltre, l’organizzazzione fa sapere che dovranno essere confermate altre sedici band.

Per ulteriori infomazioni vi invito a visitare la pagina facebook dell’evento.



In Thousand Lakes: La melodic death metal band In Thousand Lakes, ha pubblicato il video clip per la canzone I Rise estratta dal secondo album Age Of Decay che verrà ufficialmente rilasciato il 20 di febbraio tramite Xtreem Music.


Merrimack: La Season Of Mist ha accolto nel proprio rooster la balck metal band della Persia Merrimack.

Questo il commento della band sulla firma del contratto:”We are pleased to announce that MERRIMACK are joining the Season of Mist roster. Signing with the leading force of the French shores is a decisive step in our goal to deliver the blackest of metals, without compromising our art, and with the means of a well-established company who proved to release the finest artists. Working with fellow countrymen will ensure a fruitful cooperation, and their unquestionable professionalism can be nothing but a motivation for the band to make this union last long!



Benighted: La grindcore band ha aannunciato di esseresi separata dal co – fondatore Oliver Gabriel e allo stesso tempo ha annunciato l’entrata nella line up di Fack chitarrista dei Carnival In Coal come nuovo membro della band.

Il cantante Julien Truchan commenta così: “I now have to face the most difficult episode of our BENIGHTED adventure as my brother Olivier decided to leave the band. He took his decision with all the love and respect that he is known for. I thank him for his limitless friendship and all the good times that we shared in BENIGHTED for 19 years. Olivier is and will continue to be my best friend and brother forever! We are ready to welcome Fack (CARNIVAL IN COAL, INFECTED SOCIETY) with open arms as our new guitarist. He has already been involved with the band for a year and we cannot wait to present ‘Necrobreed’ on tour. See you all in the pit and share the sickness with us!

Il dimissionario Olivier Gabriel spiega cosi’ la sua decisione:”Dear friends, I have made the hard decision to close my chapter of more than 18 years with BENIGHTED. Those were pure bliss. I have made friends for life, experienced unforgettable moments with past and present members of the BENIGHTED family, and last but never least with you, the fans, label teams, producers, promoters, bookers, reporters, photographers, and many more. Sadly, I can no longer muster the energy that it takes to keep up with the frantic rhythm of BENIGHTED. We have come a long way since our first rehearsals at the Chazelles sur Lyon youth cultural centre and the living room at the place of Julien’s father. We have also come a long way since our corpse paint black metal days, Bontempi keyboards, and Cradle of Filth style female vocals. It has been such a long road since Julien and I rehearsed at my parents’ home with copy/pasted Cannibal Corpse lyrics and recorded demos on cassette tapes. All those years on the road gave me so much hysterical laughter, friendship, and love. As of today, all of this is over for me, but I will never forget and always be grateful. I love you all. I want to thank my family and friends for their patience, while I was away so often. These last 30 years, I have shared everything with my brother Julien, whose positive energy I admire. I wish you all the best with the band and our kickass new album! Long live BENIGHTED! See you all somewhere soon!

Fack commenta il suo ingresso nella band:”I am extremely glad and proud to have been asked to join the BENIGHTED family and thank all of them for their warm welcome. It was an honour to fill in for Gab on the ‘Abysmal European Tour’ last year and I feel lucky to keep walking in his footsteps. I have nothing but respect and true friendship for him as a person and musician. Gab, I wish you all the best in the world, bro! See you all on the ‘Worship the Necrobreed Tour’!



Windswept: I Windswept hanno rivelato il secondo brano estratto dal prossimo album The Great Cold Steppe, la cui uscita è prevista per il 31 di marzo. La canzone Shrouded in Pale Shining, So Sleeps Infinite Ancient Steppe è disponibile per lo streaming a seguire.


Sinister: La death metal band olandese ha pubblicato il videcoclip per Neurophobic, brano estratto dal prossimo disco Syncretism in uscita il 24 febbraio per la Massacre Records.


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