Infestus: La Xtreem Music aha annunciato la ri pubblicazione del demo Unnatural Legacy della death metal spagnola Infestus, insieme agli altri due demo mai rilasciati risalenti al 1994 e 2015.

I tre demo verranno rilasciati in un singolo disco intitolato Origen, con foto testi e artwork, per commemorare la band.

La data di pubblicazione di Origen sarà il 10 di febbraio, e di seguito sono disponibili artwork, tracklist e il brano Unnatural Legacy.

“Unnatural Legacy” (Demo ’93)
01. The End of the Biosphere
02. Unnatural Legacy
03. Lusting the Fruit
04. Ancestral Cataclysm of Life
05. Theatre of Cruelty

“Atmósfera de Asfixia” (Unreleased Demo ’94)
06. Atmósfera de Asfixia
07. Ciudad de la Miseria
08. Interludio
09. Madera Muerta
10. Sueños de Erosión
“Origen” (Unreleased Demo ‘15)
11. El Día Después
12. Inmolación
13. La Pérdida de los Cuerdos
14. Otros Seguirán
15. Lágrimas de Odio
16. Fauna Inerte
17. El Ocaso
18. Sombras de Genocidio


Foscor: La Season Of Mist ha accolto nel suo rooster la dark atmospheric band Foscor provenienti dalla Catalonia.

Questo il commento del gruppo:  “Long has been the path through darkness, but a new light shines and will accompany us on the most thrilling journey FOSCOR have ever undertaken. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Season of Mist, visionary home of pioneers all around the globe in the noble art of musical creation, and the best partner possible to unveil our new emotional act to the world. We feel delighted sharing label with brilliant bands from the most intricate and extreme language to the most subtle and beautiful dark sounds. It gives us a great opportunity to expand our musical language and outlook on life while learning from such an experienced team. We are eager to have you bear witness of this moment. Stay with us to see where this venture will lead. Expect more news very soon.



Nightbringer: I Nightbringer hanno rilasciato la prima canzone estratta dal prossimo album Terra Damnata, che è previsto per il 14 aprile.

La canzone Serpent Sun è disponibile per lo streaming a seguire.

Questo il commento dei Nightbringer per quanto riguarda Serpent Sun:  “May this stand as a simulacrum of the eternal light of divinity, reflected and refracted through the smaragdine gem fallen from heaven and buried in the burning depths of the earth where it smolders with the darkest light,” the band says. “From the Low House of Black Apollo logoi resounds from the heart of the world, is answered in the heavens by the trumpeting angels of apocalypse, the clarion of an aeon’s end. The eight tracks presented here are eight aspects of a sorcerous path that shines like dreadful starlight in the long night of the close of the Kali Yuga.

Inoltre, il duo ha rilasciato l’artwork e la tracklist per Terra Damnata.

As Wolves Amongst Ruins
Midnight’s Crown
Of the Key and Crossed Bones
Let Silence be His Sacred Name
Inheritor of a Dying World
The Lamp of Inverse Light
Serpent Sun



Necrowretch: I Necrowretch hanno rilasciato il primo brano estratto dal nuovo disco di studio Satanic Slavery, che è previsto per il 14 di aprile per la Season Of Mist.

La canzone Sprawl Of Sin è disponibile a seguire con il player.

Il cantante e chitarrista Vlad commenta a nome dei Necrowretch:  “After almost a year of incubation in the depths of hell, we are proud to introduce you to our third album ‘Satanic Slavery’ though its opening song ‘Sprawl of Sin’. The song speaks about the Devil’s many ways of corruption and those who carry his message to us through the Tredeciman Antiprophecies. With ‘Satanic Slavery’ we are perfecting our gruesome vision of death metal: evil lyrics supported by deadly blast-beats, corrosive guitar riffs, impious bass lines, and those toxic vocals that have turned NECROWRETCH into the beast, which you know today. Satanas’ Sprawl!

Satanic Slavery tracklist:

Sprawl of Sin
Tredeciman Blackfire
Satanic Slavery
Evil Names
Hellspawn Pyre
Bestial Rites
Curse of Blasphemy
Verses from the Depths


Benighted: Il gruppo grindcore ha rilasciato il video per Reptilian, brano estratto dal prossimo disco Necrobreed (in uscita il 17 di febbraio).

Inoltre, i Benighted hanno rilasciato le date del Necrobreed  Alliance Tour 2017 insieme a Wormed, Unfathomable Ruination e Omophagia.

21 Jan 17 Lisbon (PT) RCA Club (XXXapada Na Tromba)
10 Feb 17 Grenoble (FR) L’Ampérage
11 Feb 17 Puget-Sur-Argens (FR) Le Rat’s
17 Feb 17 Saint Étienne (FR) Le FIL
18 Feb 17 Montbeliard (FR) L’atelier des miles
21 Feb 17 Nantes (FR) Le Ferailleur
22 Feb 17 Joue Les Tours (FR) Le Temps Machine
23 Feb 17 Paris (FR) Le Petit Bain
24 Feb 17 Bergen (NO) Blastfest
25 Feb 17 Rouen (FR) Le 106
03 Mar 17 Toulouse (FR) Le Metronum
18 Mar 17 Nancy (FR) Le Hublot
31 Mar 17 Dijon (FR) Le Consortium
01 Apr 17 Limours (FR) MJC

15 Apr 17 Essen (DE) Turock
16 Apr 17 Arnhem (NL) Willemeen
17 Apr 17 Arlon (BE) L’entrepot
18 Apr 17 Weinheim (DE) Cafe Central
19 Apr 17 Praha (CZ) Modrá Vopice
21 Apr 17 Zug (CH) Industrie 45
23 Apr 17 Vienna (AT) Viper Room
24 Apr 17 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert
25 Apr 17 Bucharest (RO) Fabrica
26 Apr 17 Cluj-Napoca (RO) Flying Circus
27 Apr 17 Ljubljana (SI) Orto Bar
28 Apr 17 Brescia (IT) Circolo Colony
29 Apr 17 Innsbruck (AT) PMK

11 May 17 Horní Libchava (CZ) Zámek Horní Libchava
13 May 17 Zamek (CZ) Nice To Eat You Fest 2017
20 May 17 Saint-Omer (FR) Dreamer Fest 2017
03 Jun 17 Saint-Riquier (FR) Abbaye Metal Fest 2017
06 Jul 17 Viveiro (ES) Resurrection Festival 2017 (Exact date TBA)
29 Jul 17 Steenwijk (NL) Stonehenge Festival 2017
24 Aug 17 Spital Am Semmering (AT) Kaltenbach Open Air Festival 2017



Sleazer: La heavy metal band italiana Sleazer ha firmato un contratto discografico con l’Inferno Records per la pubblicazione del disco Fall Into Disgrace.

A seguire è disponibile l’inedito Fall Again.


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