Audn: La Season Of Mist ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto gli Audn. La black metal band islandese è stata vincitrice del contest Wacken Metal Battle 2016 nella propia nazione, e pubblicheranno il nuovo album il prossimo anno.

Questo il commento della band:”We are thrilled to announce that our upcoming full-length will be released through Season of Mist. We are honored to have signed with a label that we hold in such high esteem. To ink a deal with a label that not only hosts some of our favorite acts, but also bands that have been a huge inspiration for us, is amazing. This is only the beginning though and we are looking forward with much anticipation. And last but not least we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all! Without your continued support none of this would be happening.”

La formazione prevede Aðalsteinn Magnússon e Andri Björn Birgisson alla chitarra, Hjalti Sveinsson alla voce, Hjálmar Gylfason al basso e Sigurður Kjartan Pálsson alla batteria.


Necrophagia: I Necrophagia hanno annunciato una serier di date come headliner nel mese di dicembre. La death metal band americana inizierà il tour il due di dicembre al Turock in Essen in supporto all’ultimo disco WhiteWorm Cathedral.

Di seguito le date confermate.

02/12/2016 Essen (DE) Turock
03/12/2016 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
04/12/2016 Berlin (DE) Bi Nuu
05/12/2016 Kassel (DE) Fiasco
06/12/2016 Poznan (PL) U Bazyla
08/12/2016 Ludwigsburg (DE) Rockfabrik
09/12/2016 München (DE) Feierwerk
10/12/2016 Brescia (IT) Circulo Colony
11/12/2016 Wien (AT) Viper Room
13/12/2016 Luynes (FR) Korigan
14/12/2016 Paris (FR) Backstage
15/12/2016 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar – Eindhoven Metal Meeting
16/12/2016 Brighton (UK) The Haunt
17/12/2016 Norrköping (SE) Black Christmas

Questo il commento del leader della band Killjoy: “It has been thirteen long years since we have done a tour on the other side of the pond. It is therefore long overdue for us to haunt abroad. We are excited for our European fiends to once again feel the darkness flowing from our veins. We are looking forward to spreading our plague of horror and gore. We are going to bring a lot of body bags.”



Brutal Unrest: Con il player che segue è disponibile il nuovo brano della death metal band Brutal Unrest. Pandemic Wings farà parte del sencondo disco intitolato Trinital in uscita per la Hammerheart Records.

Il disco è stato registrato nei Soundlodge Studio.


Primordial: Il gruppo irlandese ha annunciato di pubblicare il primo live album nella storia musicale della band. Gods To The Godless (Live At BYH 2015) vedrà la luce del giorno il 25 di novembre e verrà rilasciato in versione limitata digibook e doppio vinile.

E’ possibilie scoltare la title track Gods To The Godless e pre ordinare l’album cliccando sul link.

Questo è il commento del cantante A.A. Nemtheanga:”It might seem like an unusual move, a double live album. Especially within the scene we are from but the live album was once a staple of most bands career and something we all grew up with in our collection. Pouring over tour dates, gear information and killer live pics. Ok so it’s not ‘Live After Death’ but you can see the attraction and taste the romance involved, right? Fact is though we hadn’t planned it, it was basically a happy coincidence, the good people at Bang Your head who took such a risk booking us the first time on a more traditional old school rock festival had us back for the fourth time, gave us a proper headlining set length and happened to mention afterwards that they had a mobile recording device rigged up and ready to go. When we listened back to the tapes we found something we could work with and the idea take shape. If you love the band you will know what to expect, blood, guts and passion and believe us the double vinyl will look beautiful! If we’ve been in your orbit but you’ve never trained your sights on us properly this might be a good place to start as the sound is massive, the old songs have some added muscle and the planets aligned to make ‘Gods to the Godless’ perhaps a great introduction to the band. From our side, it felt like something important to do, like taking advantage of an opportunity to make not only a stand alone album in it’s own right but also add something rich to the heritage and tapestry of metal that once hinged on the live album, the tradition reached back into the 70s and 80s and we are proud to have our own small place in that pantheon! And for the record ….not one single over dub. This is truly Live and Dangerous…”

Questa la tracklist:

Tracklisting ‘Gods To The Godless (Live At BYH 2015)’:
1. Gods to the Godless (Live)
2. Babels Tower (Live)
3. Where Greater Men Have Fallen (Live)
4. No Grave Deep Enough (Live)
5. As Rome Burns (Live)
6. The Alchemists Head (Live)
7. Bloodied Yet Unbowed (Live)
8. The Coffin Ships (Live)
9. Heathen Tribes (Live)
10. Wield Lightning to Split the Sun (Live)
11. Empire Falls (Live)



Feral: Con il player che segue sarà possibile ascoltare Reborn In The Morgue estratto dal prossimo ep From The Mortuary, in uscita il due di dicembre in versione MCD e digitale tramite la Cyclone Empire.


Logic Of Denial: E’ disponibile il nuovissimo brano della death metal band italiana Logic Of Denial. Gorging On Innocence è il primo brano estratto dal terzo disco Aftermath, in uscita nel 217 per la Comatose Music.

Il nuovo capito discografico della band di Reggio Emilia, avrà l’artwork creato da Jon Zig (Disgorge, Pyaemia e altri), ed il mastering è stato affidato a Joe Cincotta nei Full Force Studio.


Cloak: La Season Of Mist ha annunciato di aver accolto nel rooster i Cloak. La dark metal band rilasceranno il debut album il prossimo anno. Il quartetto attualmente è in fase di registrazione negli Aria Studio in Marietta, Georgia con il produttore Jay Jones (ROYAL THUNDER, SOUR VEIN).

Questo il commento della band: “The fires of CLOAK burn wildly and we are ready to set this world ablaze one hungry soul at a time. We have been crafting our full length with precision and ferocity for the last year. Over the writing process our capacity to evoke dark energies through the outlet of rock music has grown vastly, culminating into an experience that pulls you in and drags you down into the abyss. This autumn, we begin recording our debut album to be released via Season of Mist in 2017. We invite the listener to join us on a journey through forbidden pathways towards the most venomous depths!”




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