Azooma: La progressive death metal band dell’Iran pubblicherà il debut album The Act of Eye.

L’artwork del disco è stato realizzato da Shahriyar Shervin che ha anche realizzato l’artwork del booklet.

The Act of Eye è stato masterizzato e mixato da Mathieu Pascal dei Gorod.

La data di pubblicazione è il dieci di ottobre, inoltre sono disponibili tracklist e il primo estratto intitolato Plague of Predator, che vede la partecipazione di Dave Rotten.

Act 1 – Plague of Predator
Act 2 – Umbra of Mirth
Act 3 – The Ocular Dominance
Act 4 – Erosion of Shadows
Act 5 – Non-Entity of Visions
Act 6 – Flare of Flames
Act 7 – Objectivity of Oblivion
Act 8 – The Eyes: A Tale of Sight and Shadows



Crippled Black Phoenix: I Crippled Black Phoenix hanno rilasciato il primo brano estratto da Bronze. La dark progressive rock band pubblicherà il nuovo album il quattro di novembre.

No Fun è disponibile con il player che segue.

Il leader della band commenta così:  “It is time to give the world a glimpse of our new album with the track ‘No Fun’. This song might raise an eyebrow or two amongst our amazing fans, but then again, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have always liked to lay musical traps to lure people into our orbit. ‘No Fun’ is far from giving it all away as regards our new album and this riff has been on demo since 2004, but only now was given birth. Yet it fits the sound, which is our best yet in my opinion and I am extremely happy with how the new album turned out. Stand by for more, but enjoy having ‘No Fun’ for now.”

Scorrendo giù sono disponibile artwork e tracklist del disco.

Dead Imperial Bastard
Deviant Burials
No Fun
Rotten Memories
Champions Of Disturbance (Pt 1 & 2)
Goodbye Then
Turn To Stone
Scared And Alone
Winning A Losing Battle
We Are The Darkeners



Lord Agheros: La one man black metal band italiana ha rilasciato la preview del prossimo disco Nothing At All.

Il disco verrà rilasciato dalla My Kingdom Music il sette di ottobre.

Queste le parole di Gerassimo su quello che è il nuovo capitolo discografico:“I have imagined my future, on the shore of a lake smoking a cigarette and nothing more. A pencil and a sheet of paper in the hands drawing a diary of my life with received and donated things. I have imagined it like in a film at tail titles. I have lived every single emotion that has made of me a man, I have imagined as it could be if it had been different, I have imagined and remained alone with my imagination. I have imagined the nothing, I have seen the nothing, I have perceived the nothing, I have looked inside myself and what I’ve seen is the absolute nothing”.

Di seguito la tracklist di Nothing At All.

1. The Last Memories
2. Lake Water
3. Mankind Arise
4. No More Rules
5. Life And Death
6. The Day To Die
7. On The Shore
8. Idiocracy
9. What We Deserve
10. Final Thoughts
11. Nothing At All


Usurpress: Iniziando da oggi, la metal band svedse Usurpress pubblicherà un nuovo brano estratto dal prossimo album The Regal Tribe, in uscita per l’Agonia Records, ogni giorno fino al 18 di settembre.

Il primo brano è In The Shadow Of The New Gods.



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