On the road: Pie&Vinyl Record Cafe


I wanted to publish this post on the Record Store Day but I didn’t make it in time for it. However, I still wanted to share this (in truth, my travel-mate kinda “pushed” me to do this). I think this is a worth visiting place, especially for music and vinyl lovers.

Wandering around the streets of Southsea, just before reaching the seafront promenade, you can stop for a bite and taste a typical English pie in a record store. True story, this place is called Pie&Vinyl.

Pie&Vinyl is not an ordinary music store, the intention behind it being to offer you an “experience” which involves your taste buds. Alongside refreshing drinks, the menu offers a wide selection of pies…and pies only! The place is not big, there are


not many tables, but what really makes the difference is the mood you get into as soon as you pass the threshold!

I felt it was quite unusual to see some of the guys busily attending guests at the tables and, just across the other side, the regular running of a record store: all in one place!

I’ll put the links down below this post, so you can check out their website, surely you’ll find better pics!

p.s.: I wanted to share a picture of a pie but, oh well, can you tell it was way after lunchtime?



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Pie&Vinyl website

Record Store Day website


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