Suicidal Angels: Oggi la thrash metal band presenta il videoclip per la title track dell’ultimo disco Division Of Blood.

Questo il commento della band:”A couple of weeks after the release of our new record, we come back to you with the first video clip, the title track of the album, Division of Blood! Like it, share it, show it to your friends or simply spread the word so that Division of Blood reaches to every single corner of the planet! At this point we would like to thank our friend Maurice Swinkels from Legion of the Damned for the incredible work he did once more, making a hell of a clip despite the fact we faced some serious problems in the beginning. Images and videos worth more than millions words, so take a look and enjoy!!”


Inoltre la band sarà in tour questo autunno:

29/09/2016 – NL – Enschede – Atak
30/09/2016 – GER – Essen – Turock
1/10/2016 – NL – Leeuwarden – Neushoorn
2/10/2016 – UK – London – Underworld
3/10/2016 – GER – Osnabrueck – Bastard Club
4/10/2016 – GER – Hamburg – Bambi Galore
5/10/2016 – FR – Colmar – Le Grillen
6/10/2016 – GER – Neunkirchen – Stummsche Reithalle
7/10/2016 – BE – Vosselaar – Biebob
8/10/2016 – FR – Paris – Petit Bain
9/10/2016 – FR – Nantes – Ferrailleur
11/10/2016 – ES – Madrid – Penelope
12/10/2016 – POR – Lisbon – RCA Club
13/10/2016 – ES – Murcia – Garaje
14/10/2016 – ES – Barcelona – Salamandra 1
16/10/2016 – IT- Brescia – Circolo Colony
19/10/2016 – GER – Weinheim – Café Central
20/10/2016 – GER – Nuremberg – Der Cult
21/10/2016 – GER – Munich – Backstage
22/10/2016 – AT – Dornbirn – Schlachthaus
23/10/2016 – CH – Zurich – TBA
24/10/2016 – AT – Vienna – Viper Room
25/10/2016 – CZ – Prague – Modra Vopice
26/10/2016 – HU – Budapest – Barba Negra
27/10/2016 – PL – Warsaw – Hydrozagadka
28/10/2016 – PL – Cracow – Zascianek
29/10/2016 – GER – Leipzig – Hellraiser
30/10/2016 – GER – Berlin – Bin Nuu
31/10/2016 – GER – Cologne – MTC


Earth Electric: La Season Of Mist ha messo sotto contratto la band norvegese Earth Electric. Questa è la creatura di Rune Eriksen (ex-AVA INFERI) aka Blasphemer (ex-MAYHEM) e della ex cantante degli Ava Inferi, Carmen Simoes.

Questo il commento di Rune Eriksen: “We are truly glad and confident about teaming up with Season Of Mist for the release of our debut album. Having been a part of the SOM roster in one way or another for about 17 years now, this deal is a natural extension for me. I am confident that both parts will do their absolute best in making this collaboration exciting and rewarding. Let the Earth Rock unfold. Viva!”

Il logo della band è stato realizzato dall’artista Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) basato sull’idea di Carmen Simoes.

A completare la formazione norvegese, troviamo Alexandre Ribeiro al basso, Ricardo Martins alla batteria e percussioni e Dan Knight alle tastiere ma solo in sede di studio di registrazione.

Earth Electric Logo


Grave Desecrator: La black/death metal band rilascerà il nuovo album Dust to Lust domani 17 di giugno 2016. Con il player che segue è possibile ascoltare per intero il nuovo disco. Inoltre il disco è disponibile sul negozio online della Season Of Mist in vari formati

Questo il commento di Élson “El” Necrogoat a nome di tutta la band: “We consider ‘Dust to Lust’ to be our most defying and tough album so far. This is the direction that we intend to follow in future. We worked under the same paradigm as before, but enhanced with antagonist and blasphemous grit, which is fueled by spiritual and carnal truths about our existence. The miasmal scent of addictive terror that feeds our content is reflected in a sense of cruel reality permeating these compositions. Do not expect reflections of disguised maturity and evolution! Experience the abyssal revelations clawed straight from the delights of Brazilian and South American horror core!”


Numenorean: La post black metal band canadese ha rilasciato il secondo brano estratto dal prossimo disco Home, che può essere pre ordinato cliccando sul link.  Con il player che segue è disponibile la canzone Thirst.

Per quanto riguarda la nuova canzone il bassista Rhys Friesen commenta così: “Proceeding from the first track ‘Home’, we explore deeper into a more cognizant existentialism. As we gain knowledge in life that dreadful awareness tightens. ‘Thirst’ deals with the loss of stability one experiences when the promises of tired religions and philosophies fail to provide any real comfort. As knowledge and logic chisel away at superstition and faith, the promises made to us as children rot and fester in our minds. Once again as a child wandering through the chaos of one’s own mind. This spiritual vertigo can result either in complete mental collapse or the first courageous step into the abyss.”


Der Weg Einer Freiheit: La black metal band ha confermato una serie di date in supporto alla gothic metal band portoghese Moonspell.

Nikita Kamprad, frontman della band, commenta così a nome della band: “We are thrilled to announce our return to France and Spain in support of the legendary MOONSPELL at the end of this year! We are looking forward to some intense and devastating shows before taking a live break to concentrate on working on our next album. Songwriting is going well and we are expecting to enter studio early 2017. See you on the road!”

06 Dec 16 Murcia (ES) Garaje Beat
07 Dec 16 Madrid (ES) Changó
08 Dec 16 Barcelona (ES) Razzmatazz 2

09 Dec 16 Istres (ES) L’Usine
10 Dec 16 Audincourt (FR) Le Moloco
11 Dec 16 Caen (FR) Le Cargo
14 Dec 16 Savigny Le Temple (FR) L’Empreinte
15 Dec 16 Grenoble (FR) La Belle Electrique
16 Dec 16 Nancy (FR) Chez Paulette

Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Entrails: la death metal band svedese Entrails ha annunciato una serie di nuovi show per i prossimi mesi.

Questo il commento del chitarrista Jimmy Lundqvist: “After the lineup changes earlier this year we have been doing a lot of rehearsals and two Swedish shows with great result, and the result from that is that we arranged a small touringplan for the rest of the year between all the work on the new album. And we are truly excited to be on the battlefields again and doing shows! This will be a good start of what to come in 2017. And by this we hope to see you all out there and all horns up while banging your asses off.”

17/06/16 NL – Groesbeek – OJC Maddogs
18/06/16 FR – Clisson – Hellfest
19/06/16 BE – Brussels – Magasin 4
24/06/16 DE – Gronau – JUZ Stop
25/06/16 NL – Dokkum – Dokk’em Open Air
26/06/16 NL – Rotterdam – Baroeg
26/08/16 BE – Antwerp – Het Bos
27/08/16 DE – Suurhusen – Coast Rock Open Air
28/08/16 NL – Groningen – Vera
29/10/16 SE – Ryd – Bandstationen
04/11/16 DE – Krefeld – Magnapop
05/11/16 DE – Hamburg – Bambi Galore


Excuse: La Shadow Kingdom Records, in collaborazione con la Hells Headbangers, rilascerà l’ep degli Excuse intitolato Goddess Injustice. Il lavoro verrà rilasciato in versione vinile 12″.

Oggi inoltre, è disponibile l’inedita  Obsessed… With The Collapse Of Civilization

Questa la tracklist:

1. Obsessed… With The Collapse Of Civilization
2. Breaking News (We Told You So!)
3. Invitation From Beyond
4. Baphomet



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