Numenorean: La post black metal band canadese ha rilasciato il primo brano estratto dal prossimo album Home, ch verrà rilasciato in contemporanea mondiale il 22 di luglio. La titletrack del disco è disponibile con il player che segue.

Il vocalist e chitarrista Byron Lemley commenta così Home:”Our title track ‘Home’, along with most of the album, sounds like the darkest and most heart wrenching parts of LIFELOVER, DEAFHEAVEN and HYPOTHERMIA, mixed with the progressive atmospheric metal of ENSLAVED and AGALLOCH. All of this thrown into a melting pot with complete vocal vulnerability has created something we never thought possible. This song is a very essential starting point and glimpse into the entirety of emotional ups and downs this album has to offer over the course of its 44 minute journey into the abyss.”

Di seguito artwork e tracklist dell’album.

Laid Down


La spiegazione dietro l’artwork e dietro il lavoro tutto ci è data direttamente dalla band:: “Our album revolves around the idea of ‘loss’ and a longing for something that we as humans will never achieve. We are all empty and broken in some form or another, so we look for fulfilment through things like money, sex, relationships, drugs, religion, and a variety of other things but, in the end, we ultimately remain void of any true happiness. Perhaps what we are really searching for is the innocence that we once had as a child. However, since we are incapable of ever getting that back, the only place we can perhaps find this comfort once more is in death. The little girl on the cover represents this final resting place for us – beyond our existence in this world. The title of the album sums it up once you realize that she does not have to go through all the pain and sorrow of becoming an adult. ‘Home’ evokes this melancholic blissful state within the listener and as you spend more time becoming familiar with her picture, you begin to see the music reflecting in her face seemingly close to smiling. Collectively we thought it was important to choose an image that established the language of the album as well as something that would allow the listener to begin their experience before even hearing the first song. It is not vague, it is sincere and dangerously straight to the point. The album is meant to be listened to as an entire journey that transforms you from start to finish and although the lyrics vary on different aspects of loss, all five song titles represent the succession of one’s life. ‘Home’: Born into the world with complete innocence. ‘Thirst’: Searching for answers in questions that life has given you. ‘Shoreless’: Feelings of hopelessness. ‘Devour’: Willingly letting life destroy you. ‘Laid Down’: Making peace with what you have become and surrendering yourself to the great nothingness.”

L’edizione slipcase,invece, avrà il seguente artwork.



Grave Desecrator: La death/black metal band brasiliana ha rilasciato il secondo brano estratto da Dust To Lust, in uscita il 17 giugno. La canzone A Witching Whore è disponibile di seguito.

Il chitarrista e vocalist Butcherazor commenta in nome della band:”The track ‘A Witching Whore’ is based on a narrative about a mystical and unknown character from Rio de Janeiro in the XVIII Century, known as ‘Bárbara dos Prazeres’ (‘Barbara of the Delights’). She was probably an even more gruesome and bloody Brazilian version of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory. We are the first band to evoke Bárbara’s memory in music. She was a famous prostitute in Rio at the time, yet over the years she grew depraved. In witchcraft and black magic she found a possible solution to bring her once splendorous beauty back: virgin blood! Barbara was responsible for bloodbaths sacrificing hundreds of newborn children. We are musically expressing all the torments this woman carried out on her victims with harsh riffs dragged from a devastating foundation, an outstanding guitar solo, as well as highlights reflecting the apex of pain. Even most people living in Rio have not heard about this horrendous story. This veiled secrecy and dark contrast with open and ‘sunny’ Rio that most of you might associate with this city give the essential grey touch to this song. Embark onto this journey, where death is certain, but can come painfully slow.”

Grave Desecrator


Rispeader: La death metal band capeggiata da Rogga Johansson dei Paganizer/Putrevore, ha rivelato l’artwork per il sesto album Suicide Gate – A Bridge to Death.

L’artwork è stato realizzato dall’artista Juanjo Castellano.


Questa la tracklist di Suicide Gate – A Bridge to Death:

1. Descent of the Morbid
2. Centuries of Filth
3. Eligi
4. The Suffering Earth
5. A Worthless Breed
6. World Dismemberment
7. In Mankind’s Rotting Grip
8. The Remains In The Wall
9. Under Ash-Filled Skies

Inoltre, è disponibile la nuova Eligi.


Heretic: E’ disponibile il video per il brano Berserker, registrato durante l’esibizione della band all’Acherontic Arts Fest 2015.



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