Urgehal: La black metal band ha rilasciato il primo brano estratto dal prossimo album Aeons In Sodom, che verrà rilasciato in contemporanea mondiale il 12 febbraio. The Sulphur Black Haze, che vede come guest Hoest dei Taake alla voce, è disponibile con il seguente link.

Di seguito sono disponibile tracklist e artwork di Aeons In Sodom.

The Iron Children
Blood Of The Legion
The Sulphur Black Haze
Lord Of Horns
Norwegian Blood And Crystal Lakes
Thy Daemon Incarnate
Psychedelic Evil
Funeral Rites [Sepultura cover]
Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay [Autopsy cover]


Destroyer 666: La thrash/black metal band ha rilasciato l’artwork per il nuovo album Wildfire, la cui uscita è prevista che il 26 febbraio. Il lavoro è stato realizzato dall’artista M. Bielak (MAYHEM, GHOST).

Questo il commento dell’artista polacca per Wildfire:”Contrary to the usual route, part of my family fled communism to Australia. Thus my isolated cousins used to send me tapes with weird OZ bands like ARMOURED ANGEL, MARTIRE or HOBBS instead of American thrash. There has to be something about the shackled bloodline or maybe the Mad Max thing…or just what frontman KK likes to call “…our innate ability to do everything better than the others”, but damn me if all of those Australian bands were not just fiercer than everyone else. My love for metal from down under endured and finally, after countless merchandise designs and three reissue collaborations, ‘Wildfire’ is DESTRÖYER 666’s first brand new album that I have worked on. What survived from the usual brainstorming ordeal is a nod to classic metal imagery in a biker-friendly, DANZIG meets BLASPHEMY vein – a refreshing and welcome exercise in simplicity. Having outlasted retro trends, stripped of all gimmickry right to their very rock n’ roll bone, DESTRÖYER 666 stand tall, hailing both SLAUGHTER LORD and ANGRY ANDERSON, with what is in my opinion their most unforced and classy album to date.”

destroyer 666

Solstafir: I solstafir hanno realizzato il video per la canzone Miðaftann, estratta dall’ottavo album Otta (2014) ed è disponibile tramite il sito web Visions.

Il frontman  Aðalbjörn Tryggvason commenta in questo modo il video:  “The track is about wandering in darkness. Playing chess with Death, getting burned by salt, drowning in the ultimate wave of sin and returning back home by using moonlight as navigation.”

I registi Harri Haataja e Vesa Ranta aggiungono:  “They told us a real-life story about a sailor, who lost his crew at sea and was stranded to shore as the only survivor-. He proceeded to find his way to town and en route he found a barrel filled with water. Yet the water was frozen, so he had to punch through the ice with his bare hands to fight dehydration. Eventually, after a long journey, he reached the town and survived.”

Inoltre i Solstafir hanno confermato una serie di date in Europa.


Downfall Of Gaia: La band tedesca ha annunciato la separazione dal chitarrista Peter.

Questo il comunicato ufficiale:

“The year is coming to an end and we would like to thank each and everyone for an intense and busy 2015!
Europe, USA, Japan and Australia – it has been a crazy ride! But unfortunately it’s not only 2015 that is coming to an end. Priorities in life do change and from time to time you have to make choices and walk the path that’s best for yourself even if it differs from the direction of others. So today is the day where we have to say goodbye to Peter! We would like to thank him for the last 7 years, the highs and lows, the willing and the unforgettable time we spent with each other! Our last show with Peter on guitar will be in April2016.More info soon!
Downfall of Gaia will continue as always! So right now we are looking for a new guitar player! Someone based in Berlin or Hamburg (best case/no must) with enough time, passion and willing to tour worldwide!
If this sounds like you – get in contact via Thanks!”


Vargsheim: La black metal band tedesca per celebrare i 10 anni ha creato un video dove il chitarrista e vocalist Kael commenta tutti di dischi fin ora realizzati dalla band con immagini inedit e spezzoni di video inediti.


Exisorax: Con il player che segue è disponibile un estratto dall’esibizione che la grindcore band ha tenuto in occasione dell’ Exisorax Obscene Extreme Fest l’undici di luglio 2015.


Decapitated: La Drummers From Hell PL ha pubblicato un drum cam video per il brano della death/groove metal band Becapitated intitolato Blasphemous Psalm to the Dummy God Creation. Il video è stato registrato durante lo spettacolo tenuto lo scorso 20 di dicembre a Cracovia, con dietro le pelli Michał Łysejko.


Motorhead: Di seguitosono disponibili due video registrati durante la celebrazione dei settant’anni di Lemmy al Whiskey A Go Go nel West Hollywood lo scorso dodici di dicembre.

Sul palco si sono esibiti artisti del calibro di: Zakk Wylde, Slash, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Robert Trujillo, Billy Idol, Duff McKagan e altri.

I video sono stai registrati da Greg Olliver e prodotti da Derek Brinkman e Greg Olliver.


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