News 03/11/2015

Emptiness: La Season Of Mist ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto gli Emptiness.

La band commenta così l’accordo raggiunto: “We are currently working on the follow-up to ‘Nothing But The Whole’, for which our aim is to release it in late 2016 on our new label Season of Mist. We also would like to thank Dark Descent for supporting us in our decision and for helping to spread the seeds of the void. Important news will follow in due time.”Emptiness

Venomous Concept: Il guppo ha rilasciato il primo bran estratto dal terzo album Kick Me Silly – VC III, che verrà pubblicato l’otto di ottobre in contemporanea mondiale. Anthem è disponibile tramite il sito Terrorizer:

Questo il commento della band:Basically ‘Anthem’ is a pop song… or what us old schoolers would call it … it got a heavy rhythm with hooks and that sort… but its dark humour lies in the story… how media play a role in marketing war… a catchy theme, a proper name… an anthem to cheer us on into annihilation… stoked… hope you’re stoked too. Ook says: smash – destroy.”


venous concept

Endseeker: Con player che segue è disponibile il video per Deployment Of The Aroused.

Il brano è presente su Corrosive Revelation registrato nei Chemical Burn Studios con Alex Dietz (HEAVEN SHALL BURN). L’artwork è stato realizzato dall’artista statunitense Mark Riddick.

Questa la tracklist dell’ep:

Track listing:
01. Corrosive Revelation
02. Attention War
03. Consumed By Desire
04. Deployment Of The Aroused
05. Supposed To Rot
(Entombed Cover)

Hell’s Hammer Music: La Hell’s Hammer Music è rinata per essere una costola dell’etichetta discografica UKEM Records. La prima band ad essere messa sotto contratto è la black metal band di Istambul Persecutory. L’ep di debutto della band, Perversion Feeds Our Force, verrà rilasciato durante il 2016.

hell's Hammer music


Grima: L’atmospheric black metal band ha firmato un accordo con l’etichetta discografica Naturmacht Productions.

Il primo album dell’atmospheric black metal russa verrà rilasciato il 28 di novembre 2015 e si intitolerà Devotion To Lord.

Di seguito è possibile visualizzare l’artwork e la tracklist:

1. Ancient Will Become
2. The Beginning
3. Open The Gates Will Return The Only Cold
4. In Dreams
5. Devotion To Lord
6. The Woods
7. Blood On The Snow

Con il player che segue è possibile ascoltare la tracklist dell’album.

Ereb Altor: La band metal band svedese Ereb Altor ha deciso di coverizzare sette classici dei Bathory e pubblicarli esclusivamente tramite il vinile intitolato “Blot – Ilt – Taut” (che in svedese significa Blood – Fire – Death).

Questo è quanto dichiarato da Mats degli Ereb Altor: “During the years of Ereb Altor I have often been confronted with these words:  ‘You should record some Bathory hymns!’

And recently this has happened more frequently, perhaps due to the fact that we at some rare occasions have done a Bathory song or two live.

This has been haunting my mind. If we would do this, how should we do this?

There is only one answer to that question: WE WILL DO IT FROM THE HEART !!!

And for us it was also important to put our Ereb Altor touch on these magnificent works of Quorthon.

The classic albums that I grew up with are closer to my heart than the post “Twilight of the Gods” albums. So we decided to do only songs from the classic albums. So many great songs to choose from! Let’s make a full album while we’re at it. So it shall be done !

Our next release “BLOT – ILT – TAUT” will contain seven Bathory hymns interpretated by Ereb Altor.”

Blot – Ilt – Taut verrà rilasciato dalla Cyclone Empire in versione vinile e digitale il 26 di febbraio 2016 e queste sono le canzoni che dovremmo aspettarci sulla raccolta:

1 canzone da the first release “Scandinavian Metal Attack”

1 canzone da  “Under the sign of the Black Mark”

2 canzoni da “Blood Fire Death”

2 canzoni da “Hammerheart”

1 canzone da “Twilight of the Gods”

Di seguito il video per il teaser dell’album:

Triumphant: Il 27 di novembre 2015 la Cyclone Empire rilascerà il nuovo ep della black/thrash metal band austriaca Triumphant. Il sette pollici, Chant Of Lost Souls, sarà limitato a sole 500 copie.

Questo il commento della band: “With our upcoming EP “Chant Of Lost Souls” we will end our era with our lead vocalist Bekim Leatherdemon. We want to thank him for everything and the great times we had together, but some personal differences made it impossible for us to work together in the near future. At the moment we are already busy writing new songs and after the Neustadt show won’t play any further concerts until next spring so we can focus on the creative part. We also want to hit the studios again in February to record our second album. Persekutor will take over the vocals in the future. Also we feel that we have found our true way regarding our music now and our new concept will unfold itself on the next full length. It will be less Thrash and more towards the missing link between the first and second wave of Black Metal. There will be much more atmosphere and epic moments but still we will be OLD SCHOOL AS FUCK and not loose our furious ferocity. Infernal Hails!”


Benefactor Decease: Il debutto della technical thrash metal band greca Benefactor Decease. Il lavoro, intitolato Anatomy of an Agel, doveva essere rilasciato nel 2013 ma per vari problemi di line up l’uscita fu costantemente posticipata. L’artwork è stato creato da Andrei Bouzikov.

Questa la tracklist di Anatomy of an Angel:

01. Intro – Intermental Excitation
02. Electrical Death
03. Chronicles of a Paraphiliak
04. Anatomy of an Angel
05. The Finest Form For Body Modification
06. Feeling the Razor’s Touch
07. Abandonement to the Hanger
08. Subsistence For Regeneretic Impulse
09. Lyssa
10. A Blade in the Dark

E’ possibile ascoltare il secondo brano della tracklist Electrical Death.

Antigama: E’ disponibile un drum cam video per il brano Foul Play. Il video è stato ripreso dalla Drummers From Hell PL a Bielsko nel RudeBoy club il 25 di maggio 2014.


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